When Thinking, Make Sure It’s Likely.

I went to FB this morning to see if anything interesting might be posted. Instead I found myself lit up. So what sparked me? Headline reads “Are Atheists Genetically Damaged?”. Not only is this title absurd, but it is in a “scientific paper” in a scientific paper website (evidently not very). I don’t have access to the paper but I read the synopsis. It likewise posits that left handed people are genetically damaged as well and that overly smart people are depressed citing this too to be the result of genetic damage. In the end it seemed like the writer was trying to prove how perfect he is for having a mediocre mind and no understanding of how genetics work or the effects of socialization. I thought I would read the comments. And OH LORD! Now you would think I might find stuff like “Oh this guy is and idiot” or “oh this guy is correct”, but instead I found this which beforehand I had no idea was a thing. Someone, somehow, responded to a comment with “Obama’s children were adopted”.

So I had to look it up. It turns out the story goes like this: Michelle Obama was Born Michael Robinson, met Barack at university, fell in love, got a sex change and adopted their children. Variants of the story claim that Barack is also gay (as if anyone cares other than homophobes) and that the actual father of the girls are suing the former first family. One nonsensical variation has the girls adopted under contract for six years and sees the real parents suing the Obamas for the return of their children.

A person I know, on Saturday, actually told me that the Obamas, the Clintons, and the Bushes are being held at Guantanamo facing a military tribunal and that’s why you don’t hear from them and that the entire country is undermined by a huge expanse of underground tunnels. I should have asked him if he is a” flat earther” “ancient alien theorist” or whether “chemtrails” are a thing. I’m not knocking you really if you do believe any of this, but I am saying don’t just adhere to an idea because some part of it appears possible. Make sure it’s likely.

Errors like this are social, not genetic. It’s difficult to separate in the self. I consider myself non-christian because it’s too tough to weed out the effects of Socialization. In other words do I turn to the existence of God and Angels because they exist, because I hallucinate, because I need a bigger daddy, or because most of the people around me since I was born have managed to pierce me with their inherited rhetoric?

In epilogue: I’m still bothered by the “FB friend” who posted a thing about how Socialists want to destroy America unfriended me for responding with just how wrong this CPAC meme is. And on a side-note I once argued with this guy 27 years ago that no one has the right to enact violence on another for mere words not connected to threats of violence until he busted my lip and broke a few ribs. I guess I lost that argument.

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