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It's art. It's all really art. The gems, the metalwork, the glass work. The jewelry. The parts of the jewelry. the drawing and painting and music and production and graphics. And it's just two people. The shipping. The social media. The video production. It's art. It's art. It should be cult-figure ready. It's just two people.

Check out Blind Congress. This is TL. TL is all about art. A lot of art. Blind Congress is the metalsmith/artists music side. Noise really. Sculptural noize. Rhythmically ambient and often progressive. Few vocals here. The computer mocks orchestras and choirs. Electronic and trancelike. The softer side of Industrial and space. Music for Science Fiction. Check out Blind Congress. TLs musical side. He makes art things. Check out Etsy.

Heather is a glass worker. She makes very small glass objects one-at-a-time over a hot LP gas flame. These little art pieces are glass beads which she links in silver and copper wire. She does other things too that are very important. Check out Etsy! We constantly need your support check out Patreon.

Check us out on Etsy.

You can find some bits there.