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Copper Sun Plate
Hand Forged Copper Sun Plate (Sold)

TL Goodwin is a self-taught artist capable of working in many forms of media.

He has been doing lapidary work and metalwork for over 25 years. He started making stamping tools right away because he didn’t have the money to buy them. It has been his principle method of decorating his metal pieces. He now makes his own chasing and repoussé tools. He has even gone so far as to process his own pitch and if you have ever worked with pine pitch, you know it’s no easy endeavor.

He does all of the lapidary work for Goodwin and Maxwell and all of the metalsmithing.  Everything he does can be seen in the list of Processes they employ to achieve their work. This ensures that each piece is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Even in duplicating a pattern, no two pieces are identical. Each piece is hand-fabricated. Nothing is cast from easily reproduced wax blanks.

Heather Maxwell is also a self-taught artist, inspired in childhood by her Grandmother, who painted in oils (and who bought Heather her first set of paints).  She started making jewelry at the age of 8, using glass seed beads.

Heather began bending wire in 1987.  She makes chain, a practice that dates back thousands of years. Every ear wire is hand formed, as is every clasp. In 1998, she began lampworking scrap glass, and now makes all of our beads used in the finished work. See our Processes page for more information.

Both create ceramic pieces from time-to-time. Both use Vitreous Enamels occasionally.

They have been married since 1994.



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